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by Chuck April 24, 2012

Astronomy Observation Record


Date: 4-22-2012 Time: 10:00 p.m. Location: Brambly Hill
Instrument: Northstar Aperture: 76mm Focal length: 700mm
Eyepiece/Magnification: 32/22 17/41
Transparency: Average Seeing: Excellent
Conditions: Cool, no wind.


Object Notes

Leo Cluster

Tried for a long time to find the Leo clusters but didn't have any success. Finally figured out I was looking in the wrong place -- what I thought was Regulus was actually Mars.


Easily resolvable into a red disk. There was a suggestion of lightness toward the pole, but I think that might have been wishful seeing on my part.

Mizar & Alcor

So whenever I'm feeling like I can't see anything I like to point my 'scope at these two stars. It's almost magical the way they split from one star, to two stars, and finally to three.

Called it an early night and headed in. Need to practice finding objects in the sky for a while.


Backyard Astronomy

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