Back on the air

by Chuck December 27, 2012

The Brambly Hill web site has been down for a couple of weeks -- something went wrong with the hosting system, and then I messed up the code for the underlying blog software somehow, and then I got frustrated trying to get it fixed and left it sit for a while.

In any case, I've managed to get the servers up and running, get a new version of blogengine.NET up and running, and get all of the posts from the last 10 years copied from the old system to the new. I wish I'd been paying better attention to how I backed up the posts so I didn't have to do a copy/paste job for all of them, but I'm finished now and things should be back to normal.

Which means a post about once every six months or so. If I'm lucky.

Welcome back.



Are you feeling lucky?

by Chuck October 8, 2003

This morning when one of my co-workers (also a sailor) was searching for pictures of the Windrose 22 so he could see what Odyssey looks like, he ended up here when he searched Google for "Windrose 22". The specs page is the very first hit, and my Sailing home page is the second.

I'm feeling kinda smug right now.

Added 28 January 2004:

Well that didn't last long.

Today I tried googling "Windrose 22" again. I looked through 13 pages of responses and didn't find my pages. Sailnet Boat Check was first and second, a complaint about an apartment complex was third, and the Whispernauts site was fourth. Odyssey's site couldn't even be found.

Oh how fleeting is fame...



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