First changes

by Chuck March 10, 2008

The first set of changes that I submitted to the Pocket Freemind source were some clean up work and adding an editing form for notes and HTML content for the node.

I re-factored the source code for the base class (MindMapItemBase) and moved some redundant code from the other node types into the base class. Now nodes that only have attributes, like >link< and >attribute< don't have to have any changes made to the ToXml and FromXml methods, the base class versions do all the work.

My other big change was to add an editing form so that you can edit >richcontent< nodes. These nodes contain free-from text or HTML that makes up the nodes content. I've got some ideas in my head about how to create Web pages from the contents of a mind map's content nodes, and I want to be able to edit the mind maps on my PDA while I'm riding back and forth to work.



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